What is included in commercial cleaning?

A Comprehensive Guide

Curious about what exactly should commercial cleaning services include?

Understanding the scope of services included in commercial cleaning can help you make informed decisions when hiring a professional cleaning company. In this guide, we'll delve into the services offered by commercial cleaners, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Services included can depend on how much your budget is. If you have a small budget, you'll likely not get all of the services.

Cleaner cleaning a mirror with a duster

1. Surface cleaning

General surface cleaning should be included in most cleans. You shouldn’t need to ask specifically whether surface cleaning is included, but rather, what surfaces specifically need to be wiped. For example, in medical environments, some customers prefer cleaners not to touch sanitised work areas.


2. Floor Care

From vacuuming and mopping to carpet cleaning and floor polishing, commercial cleaners are equipped to handle various floor surfaces. Typically, a vacuum and mop is good enough for daily/weekly cleaning. If you have vinyl flooring or high traffic areas, you might want to see if your cleaner can do a scrub of the floor monthly/quarterly. Finally, you might want to have more thorough floor scrub/polish completed annually. This is typical for an office or medical centre. You will see malls or shopping centres get floor polished daily.


3. Restroom Sanitisation

Maintaining clean and hygienic restrooms is crucial for any commercial establishment. 

When asking for restrooms to be cleaned, you do need to specify whether you need the cleaning company to refill (or provide) consumables such as urinal pads, toilet paper, paper towels etc.


4. Rubbish Removal

Emptying rubbish bins and disposing of trash is a routine task included in commercial cleaning services. It’s not always included so be sure to ask! You will also need to decide whether you’d like your cleaner to provide rubbish bags or whether you will supply them.


5. Window and Glass Cleaning

Commercial cleaners also offer window and glass cleaning services to enhance the appearance of your workspace. Window cleaning is almost always an additional charge. Most shopfronts will have their external windows cleaned weekly/fortnightly/monthly depending on foot traffic. Always see if there is a water-fed pole option (unless you are in a multi-story building) as this is typically the cheaper option!


6. Kitchen and Break room Cleaning

Typically cleaning in kitchen or communal areas only includes a general surface wipe and floors. Some cleaners do offer dishwashing, emptying/filling the dishwasher, cleaning the microwave, putting away clean dishes and the alike.


7. Dusting and Cobweb Removal

Dusting is an integral part of commercial cleaning to maintain indoor air quality and prevent allergens. Cleaners will pick up a fair amount of dust in their normal surface wiping but it is good to negotiate for your cleaner to do a deeper dust in harder to reach areas monthly/quarterly.



The world is your oyster for what is included in your cleaning services. You simply need to work with your cleaners to define the scope of the services included. Typically an agreed schedule for daily cleaning plus some deeper cleaning activities throughout the year is sufficient for most customers. 

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