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Cleaning services
you can count on.

At Four Leaf, we specialise in providing high-quality cleaning services for commercial spaces.


Cleaning Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring that your space is clean, safe, and hygienic.


Daily, weekly, and monthly options, to ensure that your office space is clean, organised, and healthy for your employees and clients.


Our school cleaning services are designed to provide a spotless and safe environment for your students and staff.


We provide cleaning services tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, ensuring that your restaurant, bar, or hotel is sparkling clean and hygienic for your guests.


Retail cleaning services, including floor maintenance, dusting, and disinfection, to ensure that your store is clean, inviting, and safe for your customers and employees.

Why choose us?

We are committed to delivering the highest quality commercial cleaning services to our clients in Canberra. We have a rigorous quality management process in place to ensure that every aspect of our service meets the highest standards.

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